Outstanding puppies that are family and house-raised
Selectively bred with careful genetic screening

Since 1990, we have been producing AKC quality Cairn Terriers of Scandinavian bloodlines, for family, show & working abilities. Cairns are a wonderful breed, and we are proud to be a part of their history. We are determined to stay a small, private breeder so that each dog and each puppy can be socialized to be their best in the show ring, excel in their working abilities, or as your family companion.
We have imported some fine outstanding Cairns from Sweden & Denmark for our breeding program to keep our bloodlines pure of true Scandinavian descendants.

We proudly present the consummate Scandinavian Cairn.

Our reputable breeding program strictly follows the guidelines of the Cairn Terrier Club of America ethical standards of breeding. We adhere to the American & FCI standards.

All of our Cairns are easy to live with, have sweet personalities, teachable temperaments, which has endeared the breed to us over the years. Our adults are excellent role models when it comes to raising, teaching & actively playing with our puppies before they leave for their new homes. Our Cairns are blessed with loving hearts and a “you walk on water” devotion.
All pups are from champion lines and mostly first generation Scandinavian origin. Championships include conformation, agility, obedience, rally, earth dog, companion & therapy dogs. Although our Cairns are gorgeous to look at the most important ingredient in our breeding program is TEMPERAMENT!!

We never keep a cairn that has anything less than a “perfect temperament”…so please, do not ask us “which litter has the best temperament”…if they did not have flawless temperament, we would NOT be breeding them. Some ask “do you only breed cairns for show?” The answer in no, we continue to produce an “all purpose” Cairn retaining its natural qualities & instincts.
It’s just that we ALSO concentrate on temperament, conformation (structure) and sound genetic health clearances as well.

Our home is 100% AKC approved, and they visit and inspect us every couple of years.


Adult dogs are cleared for genetic defects including:

EYES - cleared by Veterinary Ophthalmologist for CERF evaluation
GLOBOID CELL LEUKODYSTROPHY (GCL) – OFA Certification/HealthGene Certification
HIP DYSPLASIA - OFA Certification
AKC Certificate of DNA Analysis

This insures you have a healthy, sound family member for years to come. It may also save you literally thousands of dollars in vet bills you may have otherwise spent trying to get a “cheaper” Cairn.

We do our best to produce quality puppies based on health, temperament, and conformation to the breed standard. We realize that not all dogs will be shown; therefore, we believe that health and temperament are extremely important when selecting a pair to breed. That’s why we obtain clearances on our breeding dogs and only breed happy, affectionate dogs. We research the pedigrees, health and temperament (when possible) on our breeding dogs, at least 4 generations back, to minimize the chance of any faults being passed on to the offspring. However, a pedigree alone, or being AKC registered, does not insure a good dog. Each dog must be evaluated on its own merits, and according to the AKC breed standard.

We only build our breeding on the best bloodlines in the world. Along with our own excellent bloodline, our lines include: Cairnstone, Carrottail, Hjohoo, Rasken, Rottriver, Sarimont, Thestrup, Tofthus, Zalazar, and many others.
Breeding is more than just mating a male and female. It is about choosing the right male to breed to the female to improve the line, for the betterment of the breed. It is not just about breeding Champion dogs. The championship title is a very worthy title but it does not mean that it proves your dog worthy of producing quality offspring. Being honest with yourself and critical when evaluating your own dogs, know their faults, so you can choose the right pair to improve the quality of puppies you are producing. There is no perfect dog. Although there is some that come very close to it. It is a daily learning process filled with constant research into genetics, structure, temperament, and natural ability to name a few. It is about education, keeping up with the latest medical advances and research, talking with other reputable breeders, watching the trends, attending educational seminars, attending dog shows and watching other breeds in the ring also, reading everything you can get your hands on in regards to our canines.

Don’t be fooled by the word “breeder”. There are a lot of amateurs who call themselves breeders. It doesn’t take expertise to mate dogs; they can do it on their own. It does take time, hard work, and perseverance to consistently produce better quality dogs. This is why we only allow breeding rights to other serious-minded breeders.

(Click on this link to see our “How To Choose A Cairn Terrier” page.) These questions will trip up 9 to 10 breeders who call themselves “breeders” when in fact, they are just “breeding dogs” and producing puppies!

You should be comfortable with your breeder. We will be talking to you and asking you questions before we place one of our puppies with you; so you should feel free to ask us questions too. Take the time to educate yourself, read all the information you can find about Cairn Terriers and when talking to people about them, make sure these people have owned or own a Cairn Terrier. There is nothing better than hearing it from “the horses mouth” their first hand experiences with the breed. Not educating yourself could actually open you to making many mistakes when making this one of the biggest purchases and commitments of a lifetime. After all, you have to live with this dog for as many as 15+ years! It will be your canine family member for years to come. I commend you for doing your homework regarding this decision.
Although I feel it should be a “given” that all pups come with first puppy shots and free of worms, many of you still ask. A health record will be issued including such information for your vet. All pups have their initial vaccines, negative for worms, and are vet checked. All litters are whelped in my house, with me by the mother's side the entire time, ensuring proper socialization from the moment of birth. Pups are monitored daily for health and personality development, and are well socialized. Our pups are raised in a home/family setting and are handled on a regular basis. Working from home affords us the pleasure of spending the majority of the day in the company of our cherished Cairns. Our pups are sent home with detailed instructions, as well as a health record with all vaccines and worming noted.

We love to stay in touch with our new "grand-pups" over the years, and many of you will become extended family!

We breed our dogs in a meticulous home environment and we have a family relationship with each dog. Our passion and lives are with our Cairns. You will meet and get to know the mother and/or father of your puppy, and the puppy’s siblings when you come to make your selection. We want to be involved in the process of helping you select a puppy that is perfect for your family, your lifestyle and your home. Please do not be offended if I ask as many questions as you do of me, as I am responsible for the future of our pups. This is, and will remain, a shared responsibility and trust between breeder and owner.

Before purchasing a pup, please understand the commitment that you are accepting, it takes time, patience, work, and most of all LOVE.
Limited vs. Full Registration: All pups are sold with limited AKC registration papers (pets). Limited Registration means that the dog is registered but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration. They cannot be shown in AKC Conformation Events. They can be shown in all other AKC trials. We also require and highly recommend that these pets be spayed/neutered at the appropriate age in their lives.

We hold our breeding to a higher standard than most; therefore, you will find we also hold our new puppy owners to a high standard. Please be prepared to care for a puppy to your best ability with high quality food and supplement, exercise and training, and provide the best environment possible for your puppy to thrive and live a long, healthy life.

Reservations: Because our pups are in great demand, most have deposits on them and are sold before they are born or soon after. It is wise to reserve early after reviewing all of our information and data on each particular litter. You may request pictures via email of the parents of each litter, and the pups. You may choose a litter, and color and gender of the pup. We require a small, non-refundable deposit of $150 when your reservation is placed and the balance (of course) is not due until the pup is picked up at 10-12 weeks old. Please call ahead or email us for pricing on the particular litter you are interested in. Our "pets" may be priced slightly different than our "show dogs".

The deposit is refundable if what you reserve is not produced, or it is fully transferable to the next available puppy of your desire. Please enjoy our web site, which was created to assist you with this all too important decision of adding a new family member. You will find information on how to go about choosing a breeder that is right for you, as well as information on how to go about selecting a puppy, what we have planned over the upcoming months, what mommies are expecting soon, letters of reference, and many, many fun and exciting pictures and cairn terrier information.

A percentage of dollars from every puppy sale goes to The Foundation of the Cairn Terrier Club of America Inc. which is a National Organization committed to providing funding to ensure a healthy future for our cairns. The Foundation is dedicated to the health and welfare of the "Best Little Pal in the World". Please ask us how you can support the Foundation by making a tax-deductible contribution.
We are members of the:
Cairn Terrier Club of America
Housatonic Cairn Terrier Club
Midland Cairn Terrier Club (England)
Cairn Terrier Club of Canada